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Some powerful words from the first Avenger.

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This phase occurred today at Panera in Queens.  My boyfriend went off on the couple behind us who said it.  It was a somewhat ugly scene and made for an uncomfortable lunch…

I have friends who still use this phrase and it blows my mind.  These are people who have gay friends too!  I also have friends (or acquaintances, rather) who use the word “pussy” and “retarded” with complete abandon. 

It wasn’t until I took a 5 day diversity workshop while working for Outward Bound that I realized what priviedge was and that I had it.  I also didn’t realize how important language is and how I was perpetuating racism, sexism, homophobia, etc, etc with the ignorant words I was lazily using.  

As an Outward Bound Instructor we enforced the rules of no hateful language on our courses.  During one course with a group 13-15 year old boys, all of which were extremely defiant and “at risk,” we fought with them for the first 9 days over the language issue.  We didn’t let them get away with one single offensive word and explained to them why every single time.  It was absolutely exhausting and they thought we needed to “just fucking relax.  It’s not a big deal!”  But it was and we knew it.  

Then, low and behold, after we’d finally broken them of the hateful language habit, it happened.  On day 10, two of the boys came out.  These were two of the most offensive of the group, surprise, surprise.  It was the most amazing day in my outdoor education career.  To see twelve of the most homophobic-sounding little jerks turn into kids who were open, honest, and supportive of each gave me a feeling of hope that nothing else ever has. The other boys didn’t treat the two any differently and the entire group actually became closer as a result of it, each of them sharing their own secrets they’d never told anyone.  

People can change, rather quickly actually, if they just try. But first they have to become aware and that is usually hard for everyone.  Most of us are defensive at first, just like these kids were and just like that Panera dude.

I bet that Panera guy will be a lot more mindful of his language from now one.  He just didn’t know how to handle being wrong and it bruised his ego for a minute. It also humiliated him, which is what he apparently needed. 

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Hey guys!  Hope you’re enjoying Channel-Z.  I love sharing my interests with all of you and sometimes your “likes” and reblogs can really help me get through the day.

When I’m not tumblring I’m a comedy director and performer based out of NYC.  And I’m posting for a specific reason today:

Last year I directed an amazing one man show written by and starring my friend Roman Rimer called Evolution.  

In the fall of 2009, Roman traveled to the Southern United States and did a bunch of outreach work with queer-identified youth.  His concentration was at Universities where students were not allowed to be openly gay - pretty rough places for people trying to earn an education.  Evolution is about those experiences.

I really loved working on the show.  Evolution deals with issues of identity, regional differences and similarities and is also really funny and heartfelt.  We had a great run of eight shows at The Magnet Theater in NYC.

Now, this summer, we are taking the Evolution on tour!  We are going to the Kansas City, Indianapolis and Chicago Fringe Festivals.  We want as many people to see this show as possible so we are raising money to cover our production costs and to be able to offer sliding scale tickets.  We have a fund-raising web-page set up here:

We are trying to raise $3000 by June 11th!  We are at a little over $1000 right now and need all the help we can get.  If we don’t raise our goal of $3000 by June 11th, we don’t get any of the already raised funds.  I’m asking all of you to give what you can to this project.  Even $1 or $10 could mean that someone gets to see this show who otherwise wouldn’t be able to.  I believe in the work that Roman is doing in these communities. I truly think it’s making the world a better place and that’s why I’m asking you to contribute to this project.  

Here is that link to contribute and learn more again:

Please, just a couple bucks could really help!  If you can’t contribute, reblogging or posting the link on your Facebook would super-help too!  And of course, let me know if any of you have any questions.

Thanks for continuing to follow me on Tumblr.  You’re all great.  Now back to posts about bubble gum music, monsters and DC Comics…


APE IN A CAPE: I'm Looking At You


For reasons that make no sense to me at all, I lost two very important and dear friends this past week, Perry Moore and Dwayne McDuffie.

Anyone who follows my message boards knows how I feel about these two guys. They were both gifted, intelligent, passionate, and beautiful inside and out.


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