Canadian Rap - Taylor Muthafuckin Davis

hey inuit are you into it?
or are you so frost bitten
that you cant admit to it?
I live on the 49th paralell
with yetis and mounties
and the best damn caramel
What? you dont like this routine?
well part with the pout and 
party with the poutine

Cause im a gentlemen
i drink beers with beavers
im not feminine
i clip bears with tweezers
i like cinnamon
on my buns and creamers
i like fountain pens
and the mad cow fever

Im proud to live in the white north strong
harper’s a douchbag but pass that bong
thats right here we dont have much crime
we just spend our time gettin real high!

Thats right dont bet on me
no real army and the maple leafs
believe whats up my sleeve
you cant conceive on new years eve
the what ifs? the can it bes?
is there any cottage cheese?
there’ll be no guarantees!
get off my back you might have lymes disease!!

What the puck?
Im the master funk
ive mastered drunk
im the basket dunk

im the mother[censored] ship that never been sunk
lovin lady lucks in the back of my trunk
what you tellin me you want to mess with this?
well lets go ahead and lets reminise 
let me take you to a place called vimy ridge
where we broke some noses and we broke some ribs

thats right thats what we do
were the second biggest country on this planet fool
come on we’re the talk of the town, 
the optical crown the evening gown 

market town, proper noun, hear that sound
its the pound in the round of the ship thats bounded
to first hand, expand the land
like an ocean band in my native land

do you know what i am? A Canadian!!

Je mappele sexy tout le monde
cause ZUT celebre petit poisson
monsieur monsieur visa vie capris
cest bon maison ala cest la vie!

Sac a doe ala sac a main
frarajaqa dix dix ten!
Demiotoo and ananas
comon tapelle tous banana

Tres faux pas! Mon bon garcon!
Bon appetite avec bon voyage
Cest possible et tres tres froix
Je ne sais pas ooooo menage a trois?

o canada we stand on guard for thee.